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David Keil - Yoganatomy Band 1 & 2 DVD

David Keil - Yoganatomy Band 1 & 2 DVD
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ENGLISCHE EDTION Dies ist die beste Quelle für jeden, der versucht, Anatomie im Zusammenhang mit Yoga zu verstehen. Die meisten von uns wollen mehr über unsere Anatomie in zwei Fällen wissen, wenn wir verletzt sind oder eine Haltung nicht einnehmen können Lesen Sie mehr..

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This is the best resource available for anyone trying to understand anatomy related to yoga. Most of us want to know more about our anatomy in two key places, when we are injured and when they can’t do a posture.  
This DVD set contains both volume 1 and 2 of the Yoganatomy Series by David Keil.

Yoganatomy volume 1

This DVD begins the process of study in anatomy related to yoga. David Keil is known for his simplicity and emphasis on concepts and principles that lead one to appreciate the human body. This first volume of YogAnatomy begins the journey of understanding how we function and dysfunction in our bodies and is appropriate for any level of yoga practitioner wanting to understand anatomy more deeply. By using simple language, graphics, and illustrations, the learning process is enhanced and made more interesting.
In addition to the lecture and information presented, practical application in asana demonstration is shown to help you understand how to apply the information.

Topics Volume 1

  •     directional terms
  •     basic movements
  •     naming structures
  •     skeletal system
  •     connective tissue
  •     muscular system
  •     nervous system
  •     the foot and ankle
  •     the knee
  •     the hip

Yoganatomy Volume 2

DVD 2 of YogAnatomy continues David Keil's clear and concise discussion of human anatomy and its role in movement, especially in yoga. Using the same engaging tone and graphics found in Volume 1, this DVD is indispensable for serious yoga practitioners, teachers and anatomy enthusiasts. YogAnatomy Volume 2 empowers the viewer to continue mastering the vocabulary of anatomy as well as its intricate concepts in simple and useful terms. David covers new ground in this second half of his explorations into the human body, and together with the first volume, offers the most comprehensive view of how we function and dysfunction. It discusses Breath, bandha and much more!

Topics Volume 2

  • where the psoas is located and attaches
  • what function does the psoas perform
  • how the psoas is related to your yoga practice
  •     what movements happen in the spine
  •     where movement happens specifically in the spine
  •     explanation of bulge, herniation, and ruptured disc
  •     how the spine functions in back bending
  •     what tissues restrict back bending and put force into the low back
  •     how the femur, pelvis and spine function together
Shoulders and arms
  •     anatomy of the shoulder joints
  •     detailed description of the rotator cuff group of muscles
  •     how to control our scapula in poses like up dog and down dog
  •     comparison of the upper and lower limbs

About Yoganatomy 2 DVD

  • Number of Discs: 2 DVDs
  • Runtime: 5 hours
  • Languages: English with English Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Subtitles. 

About David Keil 

David has a private practice where he uses bodywork techniques to relieve chronic pain. A Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, David has taught seminars in Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists and has also worked with other local and national audiences. David's current personal yoga practice is Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Since 2002 he has had the honor of studying with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore (he has traveled there every year since), as well as with John Scott, author of Ashtanga Yoga, with whom he also has the extreme honor of teaching. David is authorized to teach Ashtanga vinyasa yoga by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.


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