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Sarah Powers - Insight Yoga Earth - Balancing Yin Energy DVD

Sarah Powers - Insight Yoga Earth - Balancing Yin Energy DVD
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ENGLISCHE EDITION Die Übungen auf dieser DVD kultivieren ein Gleichgewicht von Yin und Yang, indem sie die irdischen Grundaspekte unserer Natur verbessern, indem sie eine Kombination aus Yoga-Bewegung, gehaltenen Körperhaltungen und geleiteten Meditatione Lesen Sie mehr..

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Mingling Heaven and Earth: Balancing Yin Energy

Insight Yoga recognizes that our health and vitality depends on a free flow of energy in both our lower body, the earthly 'yin' region, and our upper body, the heavenly 'yang' region.
The practices on this DVD cultivate a balance of these two vital forces by enhancing the Earthly grounding aspects of our nature, using a combination of yoga movement, held postures and skilfully guided meditations.

Highlights Insight Yoga Earth

  • Practice overview A short presentation on the principles of Insight yoga with further details about each practice on this DVD. (9 min)
  • Practice 1 Grounding down : A series of standing and balancing poses that encourage lower-body groundedness, followed by fluid movements to decongest stagnancy in the back and shoulders. This practice helps maintain a healthy spine. (55 min)
  • Practice 2 Seated twists and core strengtheners that increase circulation along the spine and abdomen. (31 min)
  • Shamata meditation A breath-focused meditation to develop a relaxed and stable quality of non-distracted attention that cultivates ease of being. (20 min)
  • Vipassana meditation A mindfulness practice to disengage from the habits of mental reactivity and develop an alert, inquisitive attitude leading to insight. (18 min)

Features Insight Yoga Earth

  • Audience: beginning to intermediate students
  • Style: standing and supine postures, movement, breath
  • Intensity: moderate physical exercises and meditation
  • Props: yoga mat and cushion or chair for meditation
  • 1 DVD
  • Run Time 135 minutes
  • English spoken and English Subtitles

About Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers interweaves the insights and practices of yoga and buddhism into an integral practice to enliven the body, heart and mind. Her yoga blends both a yin style of long held poses combined with a flowing yang practice influenced by viniyoga, ashtanga and alignment based teachings.


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