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Which yoga props do you use during yoga?

Which yoga props do you use during yoga?

By: Joanna-MariaComments: 0

The most useful yoga props listed

Use yoga props or yoga accessories anytime within yoga where you feel you need props. Too often, we hear and see hesitation in using yoga props.

As if you are not really doing yoga when you use props. Or that this would show that you are a beginner within yoga (not a bad thing at all, by the way). But by using yoga props, you listen to your own body. You guide your body within yoga poses, preventing injuries and making you more flexible and stronger. Therefore, an ode to yoga props!Love Generation yoga props

Which yoga props are there?

Within yoga, there are lots of different tools, also called yoga props, that help you within yoga. Let's take a look at which yoga props there are.

Yoga mat

Yes laugh, but the yoga mat is really a yoga prop. And an important one too, because without a yoga mat you have a lot less support and comfort during your yoga session. There are many different types of yoga mats from different brands.

Do you want to buy your own yoga mat? We have worked out for you what to look for when buying a yoga mat, for example:

  • Yoga style
  • Thickness of the mat
  • Budget
  • Material yoga mat
  • Environmentally friendly yoga mat

We are of course a big fan of the Love Generation yoga mats ;-)

Yoga towel

A yoga towel is the perfect solution when you often slip on your yoga mat. A yoga towel absorbs excess moisture, giving you a much better grip during yoga.

And it is hygienic too, as these yoga towels are simply machine-washable.

- More information on yoga towels can be found in this blog article on yoga towels -

Yoga strap or yoga belt

The yoga belt, or yoga strap, is like an extension of your arms or legs, allowing you to perform some yoga poses better. A yoga strap is the ultimate tool for stretching your muscles.

For example, think of the forward fall and you can't reach your feet yet, then use the yoga strap to still experience the benefits of this exercise.

yoga straps posesDo be careful when using this yoga belt, you are not supposed to pull the belt to get deeper into a pose. Listen to your body and you will naturally become stronger and more flexible.

Yoga block or yoga brick

A yoga block also makes it easier for you to perform yoga poses because it brings you closer to the ground. A yoga block provides support and often gives you just that extra reach to perform your yoga pose properly. A yoga block also helps you keep your balance.

yoga props_yoga block
- More information on yoga blocks can be found in the blog article on yoga blocks -

Yoga bolster

A bolster is lovely! This is an oblong pillow that gives you more comfort in reclining yoga poses or just forward fall poses. It offers support for your back, you can hang on it and, above all, relax wonderfully on it.

Yoga bolsters are often used in Restorative yoga, Prenatal yoga and Iyengar, but can be a valuable tool in any style of yoga. They are very useful for postures related to meditation and rest.

Some yogis like to put them under their knees or back during Savasana for extra comfort. Using a bolster can be a comfortable way to open the chest and help you focus on your breathing.

Eye pillow

More and more often we see the eye pillows, or eye pads, appear during the Savasana and rightly so. An eye pillow is commonly used to shield the eyes from light and provide gentle, relaxing pressure on and around the eyes. This helps to keep the focus on yourself during savasana, relaxation exercises, some yin yoga poses, lying meditations and yoga nidra.

velvet eye pillows
A yoga eye pillow helps you with this final exercise, where it is all about relaxation. These eye pillows often have a wonderful scent, so that you end up in your own world after a nice yoga session.

Yoga blanket

A yoga blanket provides warmth during the final relaxation Savasana. Your body is all warm and you don't want to lose this warmth when lying completely still on the floor. So put this yoga blanket over you nice and warm.

And if you notice that you get bothered by your knees or your tailbone during a yoga posture, fold the yoga blanket in half and use it for an extra soft surface.

Meditation cushion

Many yoga classes start or end with a sitting meditation. How nice then that you can sit on a good meditation cushion, so that you sit nicely upright and you can fully focus on your meditation.

meditation pillow
- More information on meditation cushions can be found in the blog article on meditation cushions -

Yoga mat wash

Every yoga mat absorbs bacteria, because you sweat and use your yoga mat often. That is why it is good to occasionally clean your yoga mat thoroughly with yoga mat cleaning. A good yoga mat cleaner removes all dirt and ensures that your yoga mat stays beautiful and lasts longer.

Yoga mat bag or yoga mat carrying strap

If you only practice yoga at home, you don't have to drag your yoga mat with you everywhere. But if you do yoga in a studio or at the gym, it is nice to get your yoga mat back and forth. This is possible with a nice yoga bag or just a carrying strap for your yoga mat.

Yoga socks

Those socks with toes, those are real yoga socks. Yoga socks provide a good grip and because there are toes on it, you will not lose your balance.

Which yoga props do I need?

Don't worry, if you are just starting to practice yoga, you do not immediately need all yoga props. Your yoga studio often has all the props you can use:

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga mat cleaner
  • Eye pillow
  • Yoga belt
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga bolster
  • Yoga towel
  • Yoga blanket
  • Yoga bag
  • Meditation cushion
  • Yoga socks

It is nice to buy your own yoga mat, so that you can do all your exercises on your own yoga mat. And if you want to buy a number of yoga props, then of course you can.


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