• Nubia Leixeira ft. Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach - Paranayama CD

Nubia Leixeira ft. Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach - Paranayama CD

  • With just one breath, enter the healing world of Pranayama.
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Now, with Pranayama, here is a way for you to explore and share your inner light, and to deepen your practice of Yoga and Meditation.
With Just one breath enter the healing world of Pranayama. Fundamental to the practice of Yoga is the ability to master the art of Pranayama, or conscious breathing. The volume and quality of Prana, or life force, that circulates within our bodies determines our level of vitality. By breathing with awareness and an open heart, we can increase the vast reserve of pure energy that resides within. On Pranayama, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Nubia Teixeira leads you trough a restorative practice that interweaves breathwork with visualization and chanting, transforming each breath into a healing prayer for yourself and others. Designed as a fully customizable tool for you to enjoy the exact breathing sequence you need, Pranayama explores:


  • The soundscape of progressive world music by celebrated recording artist Jai Uttal and his longtime collaborator Ben Leibach
  • 2 audio CD's
  • Duration: 120 min.
  • English



  1. A complete, guided nine-day practice to begin your pranayama journey
  2. Bija mantra vocalization to awaken the flow of prana in your seven main chakras
  3. Nadi Shodana or 'alternate nostril breathing'- a powerful techniquefor experiencing equaninmity and mental clarity, and many other unique pranayamas and prayers


About Nubia Teixeira

A brazilian born yogini, Nubia has been devoting herself to teaching Yoga, in its many different aspects, for the past 23 years. Preceiving Yoga as a healing art, Nubia's refinement and connection to this ancient practice is reflected in her unique teachings.

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