• Rhino Horn Neti Pot - Nose Wash
  • Rhino Horn Neti Pot - Nose Wash

Rhino Horn Neti Pot - Nose Wash

  • Do you have difficulty to breathe deeply during your yoga or meditation practice because of your nose? Nasal lavage with a neti pot is the solution to reduce and prevent problems such as stuffy nose, hay fever and sinusitis!
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Do you have difficulty breathing deeply during your yoga or meditation practice? Maybe you have a cold and you have a stuffy nose, you prefer to stay inside because of your hay fever, or worse, is there again  a sinus infection looming...

Nasal lavage with a neti pot is a great solution to prevent and reduce these symptoms!

In our experience the Rhino Horn is the best neti pot. By design the water washes trough easily without leaking. The Rhino Horn comes with a small spoon so you can add the exact amount of salt to your water, ideal!

How does the Rhino Horn Work? 

  1. Add one measuring spoon of salt to the pot. For this you do not have to buy any special salt, common table salt is fine. Salty water is soothing for the mucous membranes. It contains no artificial chemicals, has no side effects and tastes just like tears.
  2. Fill the Rhino Horn with lukewarm water. That makes the nasal lavage soft and pleasant.
  3. Put the rhino horn at the most open nostril and let the water flush inside. Then change nostrils until both are open. Now the nose is washed, relaxed mucous membranes are relaxed, the senses become sharper. 
  4. When both nostrils are rinsed make a deep forward bend and put your head (almost) upside down to remove the last drops.
  5. Result: an open and clean nose, all pollen and dust removed. What a wonderful feeling.!
You can use rhino horn over a sink, but the shower is fine too.

Features Rhino Horn

  • 1 rhino horn
  • 1 measurement spoon
  • 1 manual with clear instruction photos 

Nasal Rinse in India and other Countries

All over the world washing your nose is a part of folk medicine as a valued and natural treatment of nasal disorders in mainstream medicine.

In India it is a traditional cleansing method in Ayurveda and in the yoga tradition a nasal cleansing is an old and well-known part of the cleaning process called Kriyas.  In Norway, the method is known amongst fishermen. In Africa, it is said that a nasal rinse "cleans the mind" (gives clarity to the head).

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