Yin en Anatomie Opleiding

Yin en Anatomie Opleiding

Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training (200 hours) Based on the teachings of Paul Grilley. This training offers a practical and in-depth program to deepen your personal practice and learn how to teach creative and safe Yin Yoga classes.

Do you want to share your passion?

Master the practical applicability of (energetic) anatomy to personalise the yin practice, broaden your understanding of Yin yoga (both physically, energetically and emotionally), help you to find your voice, your confidence and learn how to share your love of Yin yoga! Completing José’s program gives you the opportunity to teach, adjust and practice Yin yoga in personalized, safe and inspiring way.

From day one José will guide you in deepening your practice and encourages your skills to become a confident and creative teacher. To become a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yoga is not just physical, but a practice of the heart, mind and spirit. Be prepared to discover your mental and physical tendencies through this journey.

José offers the 200 hours Yin & Anatomy Teacher Training spread out over 18 months. After the first 100 hours, you will have half a year to practice and apply what you have learned in the first half of the training, in order to prepare for the second half of the training. Taking time to complete this training will ensure you to get enough practice time in teaching, adjusting and making the teachings your own. 

Let’s discover together the healing benefits of Yin yoga!

José’s Yin yoga program (est. 2015) is one of the Netherlands top teacher training for yin yoga. José sets a standard for quality in training and with result: her graduates are confident, creative and are able to adapt and personalise the practice to the student’s needs.

What will you learn?

-   Awareness on how to see and respond to people, their bodies, and their potential.
-   Practical strategies based on anatomy and meridian theory which allows you to let your students practice in a personalised manner and allows you to deepen your own practice and understanding.
-   A deep understanding of how the body functions: bones, muscles, fascia, joints, movements, organs and connective tissue, chi, meridians and 5 element theory.
-   Understanding of what various poses can do for the body and the energetic balance.
-   How to intelligently sequence and teach safe, personalised and creative yoga classes that are inspirational.
-   How to use props and give personalised adjustments - with your acquired (energetic) anatomy knowledge as its foundation - in order for your students to get a beneficial yin practice without unnecessary pain nor injuries.
-   Pranayama techniques to deepen or enhance the healing effects of the Yin practice.
-   How to be in the moment and how to observe without action or reaction by practicing meditation; which supports your Yin practice.
-   Basic understanding of the Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Yoga Sutras, to teach your classes on a heart-mind level.


José de Haan - de Groot is the main teacher of this program. José is an E-200 RYT (experienced and registered) yoga teacher. José has taught over the past 11 years and has now educated hundreds of yoga teachers. In addition, guest teachers are invited to share their specialties.


The reader is in English, as is the case for the aforementioned material requirements.
Depending on the participating students, the training will be given in English or Dutch.


After successfully completing the training you will receive a 200-hour certification for the Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training. This training is certified by Yoga Alliance.  When you have successfully completed the training with good results, you can register with Yoga Alliance.

More information and applications:

Please check www.deyogastudio.nl for more information about this training. You can also apply for this training online on this same page (bottom).

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