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Yoga Belts & Straps

A yoga belt literally offers you more space. And although yoga is not about perfection, it is important to perform the yoga postures in the right way. With a good execution you will experience all the physical and mental benefits of yoga earlier. But how do you properly perform a yoga posture if you are not (yet) so flexible? Every body is different and even very experienced yogis just can't perform certain yoga poses.

Using a Yoga Strap

That is why using a good yoga mat and accessories is so important, which also includes the yoga belt. The yoga strap is a sturdy cotton strap that you use to increase the reach of your arms. This allows you to deepen your yoga postures, make it easier and longer to stay in poses and prevent overstretching.

The biggest mistake yogis make is to think that you should be able to perform every yoga pose immediately (or even after a few years) completely from your own body. But you can't expect this from your body. If you have trouble with an attitude, be kind and gentle with yourself. Instead of stretching or pushing (with all the consequences that entails in injuries), you give yourself space within this yoga posture with a yoga belt.

As a result, you will see progress much faster within this posture, because you offer your body peace and kindness to get to know this posture.

Advanced yogis who know their body completely, know what it can handle without increasing the risk of injury and want more depth in certain yoga postures, also use this belt. Therefore, never feel embarrassed to use a yoga prop such as a yoga belt, because it simply offers you many advantages as an aid or as a deepening aid.

Buying a Yoga Strap - tips

When buying a yoga belt, pay attention to the length (you want it nice and long to keep the reach wide) and the material. For example, the cotton yoga belts are simply the best, because other materials slide or even cut quickly. Also pay close attention to the metal ring of the yoga belt. A D-ring, such as you can buy at the Yogashop, is the easiest to work with because of the adjustability.

Yoga poses with a yoga belt

  • In the Forward Bend pose, use a yoga belt to extend your arms. This gives you the advantages, but you don't have to be able to reach your feet.
  • Cowhead pose (Gomukhasana), joining your hands behind your back. Many people are not yet able to do this, which makes the yoga belt the perfect extension.
  • Boat pose (Navasana), you can hold it longer with a yoga belt anyway. This improves your balance, which immediately improves your posture.
  • The Dancer as Yoga Pose (Natarajasana)



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