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Looking for the best yoga mat

Buying a new yoga mat can be quite a challenge.... there's an abundance of different yoga mats, and there are many points to consider. But don't worry, because this blog guides you conveniently through the whole (and also fun) process.

A conscious choice is central to our approach. Our collection of yoga mats is carefully curated with a strong focus on quality, durability, environmental friendliness, comfort and style. During the development of our yoga mats, we not only paid attention to the high quality, but also to the environmental friendliness of our products. Yogashop therefore offers yoga mats manufactured from sustainable, safe materials, with respect for both you and the environment.

We are happy to help you choose the perfect yoga mat for you; a mat on which you will practice for years and with pleasure!

These are the questions we will discuss below:

Which yoga mat is right for me?

Choosing the right yoga mat is very personal and depends on where you stand in your Yoga practice, your Yoga style and the location where you practice. Things like sensitive joints, your height and the weight of the mat can also play a role in determining which mat is best for you.

Whatever mat you choose, it is very good that you choose one anyway. Because:

These are the benefits of having your own yoga mat

  1. Hygiene: Your own mat is nicer and cleaner than a shared mat in the studio
  2. Practicing at home: Having your own mat also allows you to practice at home, or while traveling.
  3. Motivation: A yoga mat that suits you supports you in your motivation. When you feel comfortable on your mat you will stand on it more often, and get into the right flow faster.

Buying a yoga mat

Buying a yoga mat: What should you look out for?

The first thing you probably look at is the material and durability of the yoga mat for an environmentally conscious choice. Comfort in addition is also crucial, especially if you have sensitive joints, for example. Also check how to maintain the mat, choose one that is easy to clean. Finally, also go for a beautiful mat, it will boost your motivation and make your yoga practice even more fun!

Material & durability of our yoga mats

The materials of our yoga mats are carefully selected and tested, and we strive to offer sustainable and ecological choices. Many yoga mats in our collection are made from 100% natural materials, such as cork and natural rubber. Good for you as a user, but also 100% biodegradable, so also good for the environment.

Yet we have found that, when used intensively, yoga mats made from toxic-free and emission-free manufactured PVC last significantly longer. This, ironically, makes them a more sustainable choice in the long run.

Using high-quality PVC increases the durability of our yoga mats and minimizes the ecological impact, without compromising the quality and performance you expect from a good yoga mat. An additional benefit of PVC yoga mats is that they can be recycled at the end of their useful life. This helps reduce waste and close the material cycle.

Materials of yoga mat

  1. PVC Yoga Mat

    You will see on our site that most yoga mats are made of PVC, these are also called sticky yoga mats. A PVC yoga mat is sturdy, has a good grip, so you won't slip in the most challenging yoga poses, and stays firmly on the floor.

    This type of yoga mat has a long lifespan and some mats are virtually indestructible. These yoga mats are not only suitable for various yoga styles, but also contribute to an environmentally conscious choice by allowing for recycling at the end of their useful life.

    Our PVC mats carry the OEKO-TEX® label, which guarantees that they are free of toxic substances such as plasticizers and heavy metals, for example.
  1. Eco Yoga mat made of TPE

    TPE is a degradable plastic with Eco label certification. The material is free of harmful substances, making it a sustainable choice for both the user and the environment. A TPE Yoga mat has a remarkably good grip due to its open cell structure, even if your hands or feet are a bit damp from perspiration.

    This material is softer than PVC, offering more comfort in seated and lying poses. It is a very pleasant yoga mat for yoga styles such as Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative and Kundalini, but can also easily accompany a power yoga class every now and then.
  1. Eko Yoga Mat from Natural Rubber

    The eKO® Yoga Mat is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. What sets this mat apart from other rubber mats on the market is the use of non-toxic foaming agents. Unlike many contemporary rubber mats, no toxic chemicals are used in the production of the eKO® yoga mat to soften the rubber. This makes the eKO® Series the most sustainable natural rubber mat available, resulting in a longer life before replacement is necessary and less waste.

    This high-quality ecological yoga mat is naturally very grippy (even with perspiration), and due to an extra reinforcement layer in the surface is also suitable for intensive use such as, for example, a daily Ashtanga yoga practice.
  1. Cork Yoga mat - also an Ecological option

    Yoga mats made of cork, like the rubber yoga mats, are an ecological made of natural material, and thus 100% biodegradable. Cork comes from the bark of cork trees, and provides a comfortable and resilient surface.

    The ecological cork yoga mat combines durability with excellent grip, even with perspiration. The natural non-slip surface of cork makes it ideal for a variety of yoga styles, from gentle Hatha to more dynamic Vinyasa Yoga.

    Cork yoga mats will be added to our collection very soon!

Eco yoga mats

What is a comfortable yoga mat?

A crucial consideration when choosing a yoga mat is, of course, the comfort of the mat.  Whether you are a quiet Yin yoga practitioner or prefer dynamic Vinyasa, a comfortable yoga mat will ensure a pleasant experience during every session.

But what features make a yoga mat comfortable for you, again, is something very personal. The following points can play a role in this:

  • Thin or Thick Yoga Mat

For extra support and cushioning, considering a thick yoga mat may be a smart choice. Thick yoga mats also provide more insulation which can be important on a cold floor. But if you do a lot of standing balancing postures, or want to take the mat with you when traveling, then a somewhat thin yoga mat is actually a better choice.

  • Firm or Soft Yoga Mat

A firm yoga mat offers stability (and thus balance), while a soft yoga mat offers more comfort when performing lying or kneeling poses, which is nice for your joints.

  • Heavy or Lightweight Yoga Mat

Whether you go to the yoga studio regularly or take your mat with you often, the weight of the yoga mat can play a role. A lightweight, or even a travel yoga mat is more convenient for traveling, while a heavier yoga mat offers more stability.

  • Yoga Mat for Tall People

For yogis with a taller body height, it is nice to choose a mat that offers enough space. Yogashop also stocks extra-long yoga mats so you don't have to lie with your legs "off board" in Savasana.

  • Yoga Mat for Children

All yoga mats in our range are also suitable for children. They can playfully get acquainted with yoga on a 'normal-sized' mat but especially the 4mm love mats are also easy to shorten and customize yourself for little ones.

  • Yoga Mat for Pilates

For Pilates exercises, it is important to choose a mat that offers adequate grip and cushioning. Yoga mats with a good non-slip structure and comfortable thickness of 6mm are excellent for Pilates practitioners. Consider the Love Yoga Mat Extra Thick.

  • Yoga Mat for Fitness

For a versatile mat suitable for both yoga and general fitness exercises, a hybrid yoga mat can be an excellent choice. These mats combine comfort, grip and abrasion resistance; you can also use them with shoes on. The Premium yoga mat and the PRO yoga mat are best suited for this purpose.

yoga mat yoga props

The life and maintenance of your yoga mat

Proper care of your yoga mat not only prolongs its lifespan, but also ensures a hygienic and enjoyable yoga experience.

  • How should you clean a yoga mat?

You should clean your yoga mat regularly to remove sweat, dirt and bacteria. Most mats are easy to clean with a mixture of water and vinegar, and some can even go in the washing machine. But with Eco mats, you need to be more careful. If you really want to know the ins and outs, read our blog on cleaning your yoga mat.

  • How should you Roll and Store a Yoga Mat?

Always roll your yoga mat loosely to avoid creases and wrinkles.  Make sure your mat is thoroughly dry before rolling it and store it in a cool, dry place, preferably in a yoga mat bag to prevent dust and dirt.

  • New Yoga Mat: Which Side Goes Up?

Some mats are double-sided, so it doesn't matter with that. Other mats do have a "top side”. This is always the side on the outside when you receive the mat (rolled up). Usually this is obvious by itself, but if in doubt, check the product photos on our website.

  • Are you slipping? Here's how to improve the Grip of your Yoga mat.

Especially PVC yoga mats can feel a bit slippery when they are new. This is due in part to the manufacturing process that leaves a small layer of grease on the mat. How to make your new yoga mat less slippery and quick to work in is described in this blog.

  • Sweaty hands? Use a yoga towel.

Do you often slip due to perspiration? Consider a yoga towel to complement your mat, especially during intense sessions. Yoga towels absorb sweat and provide extra grip, keeping your mat cleaner and fresher longer. You can read more about them in our blog on Yoga towels.

  • How Long Will A Yoga Mat Last?

The lifespan of a yoga mat is affected by the material and intensity of use. Generally, heavier, sturdier mats last longer. In addition, PVC yoga mats tend to have a longer lifespan than biodegradable yoga mats. Regular cleaning helps.

Also, if you always store your yoga mat dry, clean, neatly rolled up and in a cool place, you will find that your mat will last longer. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your yoga mat for years to come.

yoga mat with print

The Color & Style of Your Yoga Mat

Appearance does matter, too! And that's not just a vain consideration. A beautiful yoga mat actually has a positive impact on your motivation and the flow of your practice.

  • A Beautiful Yoga Mat Enhances Your Motivation

Since you are looking for your yoga mat and want to stand on it regularly, the style of the mat is super important. Yoga mats come in many colors and color combinations and some mats even have beautifulprints!

When choosing the color and/or print, it is always good to check with yourself what makes you excited or relaxed.

Somehow, "very yoga", it should not matter, but we at Yogashop know that a really nice mat contributes greatly to the motivation to practice a lot on it!

  • Yoga Mat with Prints

Yoga mats with Prints come in many different styles. Would you like to boost your motivation? Then choose a cheerful print that will make you happy.  Are you looking for more peace and balance? Then choose something subdued.  Some print designs are symmetrical, which can be a helpful tool in finding proper alignment.

Choose the yoga mat you feel most comfortable with and you'll look forward to stepping on your mat every time.

  • Yoga Mat with Bag

A bag for your yoga mat is useful for carrying and storing your mat. Our yoga bags are designed with style, ease of use but most importantly, durability in mind. They are all made of sturdy and natural cotton, again better for the environment. Do you prefer to take your yoga clothes with you in a separate bag? Then just a yoga mat carrying strap is also a good option.

  • Yoga Mat with Yoga Block, Yoga Belt and Other Accessories

Depending on the style of yoga you practice, you may need other yoga accessories such as yoga blocks or a yoga belt.  Here too we have put together a fine selection for you, with plenty of choice in durable materials. All yoga accessories are coordinated with the color range of our yoga mats, so you can always put together a perfectly balanced set, in your own style.

  • Yoga Sets: Combo Deals and Discounts

On the product page of each yoga mat, you'll find a few combo deals, which not only save you money, but also give you the chance to create a nice set with accessories that perfectly match your new mat. In addition, you can of course follow us on Facebook, Instagram or through our newsletter for tips, information, great new products and great deals!

Where is the best place to buy a Yoga mat?

Although yoga mats are available everywhere these days, even for a few euro at the cheapest chain stores, our experience usually confirms the well-known cliché: cheap is expensive (or even an outright misbuy).

A cheap mat of poor quality can cause slipping, loss of balance and premature wear even after just a few yoga classes. This is not only bad for your practice and motivation, but is not sustainable at all.

A yoga mat is best bought from the specialist.

A store specialized in yoga products, such as Yogashop, offers a wide choice so you can buy exactly the yoga mat that is best for you personally. 

But in addition to a wide selection, a specialist also offers a good quality selection.

From our years of experience in the industry and our even longer personal experience as enthusiastic yoga practitioners, we know which yoga mats have proven to be durable and comfortable. In short: we know what works ... and what doesn't.

We have therefore made a critical and careful selection so that with us you always buy a good yoga mat that you will enjoy for a long time.

So, which yoga mat will you choose?

We hope the above has helped you in your search. And that we have inspired you to invest in a mat that you will enjoy for years to come.

If you're still in doubt, or want to delve deeper, read our blog "How to choose the best yoga mat" where we go deeper into the properties of different materials.

Yoga is all about balance, and a good yoga mat will help you find it. Choose durability, quality and comfort, and discover the difference a high-quality yoga mat can make to your practice!

Practice Practice and all will come....
Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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