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Should I choose a Meditation Cushion, Meditation Bench or a Meditation Mat?

If you can easily in cross legged or lotus position then a meditation cushion is best.
A round meditation cushion, or zafu, has a pleasant height that can be adjusted to your personal comfort. Crescent Meditation Cushions are a bit lower and wider, and give extra support to the thighs. Both types of cushions can be used in combination with a meditation mat, or zabuton: This provides soft support for ankles and feet, and also ensures that you stay warm while sitting still.  The meditation mats can also be doublefolded (and fixed with the carry strap) what gives them the size of a yoga bolster. That makes their use multi-functional for example during or Yin Yoga Restorative Yoga classes.
If lotus or cross legged position is uncomfortable for you then best choose meditation bench. On a bench you'll sit with your knees forward and your feet back under, which relieves pain in the pelvis and hips. This sitting posture is similar to Seiza posture in Zen tradition.

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