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Yoga towel: Tips & Tricks

Yoga towel: Tips & Tricks

By: Joanna-MariaComments: 0

At the time of writing this blog, it is 7 degrees outside; not exactly a Hot Yoga temperature. But in most yoga studios (and in summer) it is different.  The warmth in the studio makes your body supple and limber, at least... more limber than on cold winter mornings at home.  But that same heat also makes you sweat more, and therefore sometimes slip on your yoga mat. Does that happen to you too?

Fortunately, there is a good remedy: the yoga towel! The best solution for extra grip, comfort and hygiene during your yoga practice. Wondering how it works? In this blog post, we'll catch you up completely. Below we discuss: 

  • What do you use a yoga towel for?
  • How to use a yoga towel?
  • How to keep a yoga towel clean?
  • Tips and tricks for your yoga towel

Why a yoga towel? 

A yoga towel can enhance your yoga practice in several ways:

  • A yoga towel is Anti-slip

This is probably the biggest advantage of a yoga towel. Especially in hot yoga or when you perspire a lot, your yoga mat can become slippery. This is because most yoga mats have a closed-cell structure, and thus do not absorb moisture.

A yoga towel does absorb excess moisture, and therefore gives you (more) grip.  This makes you much more stable in any pose, and prevents you from slipping.

  • A yoga towel offers extra comfort 

A yoga towel is soft and feels nicer on your skin than the average yoga mat. It provides an easily washable - and therefore clean - layer between you and the yoga mat you practice on. Especially in gentle forms of yoga such as Yin Yoga or Restorative, where you do a lot of ground postures, a soft clean surface is extra nice.

  • A yoga towel is hygienic & protects your yoga mat 

A yoga towel is easy to wash and dry, and protects your mat from sweat and dirt. This is great if you practice on a mat borrowed from the studio, but also if you have your own mat; A yoga towel also protects your yoga mat from wear and tear, thus extending its life span.

  • A yoga towel is multifunctional

A yoga towel can not only be used as an extra layer on your yoga mat. You can also use it as a towel to dry yourself off or on the beach. And folded up, it makes a nice cushion during Savasana, for under your head, or your knees.

  • You can also use a yoga towel without a yoga mat

A yoga towel is usually placed on top of a yoga mat.  The yoga mat then provides cushioning and insulation, and the towel guarantees grip. But a yoga towel can also be used on other soft surfaces: think solid carpets or a rug, for example. Especially when travelling, this can be super handy, as a towel hardly takes up any space in your suitcase.  

It's not recommended to use a yoga towel on only a hard floor. Yoga towels are too thin for that (read: uncomfortable), and besides, they tend to slide easily on a smooth surface.

How to use a yoga towel? 

Lay the yoga towel over your yoga mat. Make sure the towel lies flat and that there are no creases.

It is best to wrap the top of the towel a little around the top of your yoga mat. This reduces the chance of the towel accidentally shifting during your yoga practice.

yoga handdoek omvouwen

During your first sun salutations, you yourself are usually not yet warm and the palms of your hands and soles of your feet are still completely dry. The towel can then feel a little too slippery. In order to maintain a good grip even during the first sun salutations, you can moisten the areas of the downfacing dog with a plant spray or other spray before starting. Once you've done a few sun salutations and warmed up nicely, the moisture in your palms and soles will take over.


Don't have a water spray handy? During the first sun salutations, fold the yoga towel back a bit so that your hands are directly on the mat. As soon as you feel you start to need the towel, you can fold it back quickly.

yogatowelomslaan1  yogatowelomslaan2 

Usually, you use a yoga towel during class mainly for extra grip in poses where you place your hands on the ground. Think for instance of the downfacing dog, plank and push-up poses.

But your yoga towel can also come in handy during (quiet) ground poses. If you fold or roll up your towel, you can use it under your knees or wrists for extra comfort. This is especially nice if you have sensitive joints, or suffer a bit from pressure. In addition, you can also use your folded yoga towel as an extra cushion-support, for example during Restorative Yoga, or during Savasana.

What is the best way to keep a yoga towel clean?

Simply wash a Yoga towel in the washing machine at low temperatures. But be careful not to use fabric softener! This reduces its roughness.

Officially, a yoga towel can be tumble-dried, but we do not recommend it. The material also dries very quickly in the air, and stays much smoother that way. That way, you don't have to iron it either.  (And if you do iron it: always do so on the lowest setting!)

If your yoga towel gets really dirty, you can put it in a bath of water and vinegar overnight before washing it. That way, you will be 100% sure that all sweat (bacteria) and any odours are eliminated completely.

Finally, some tips

  • Because a yoga towel is so light and compact, it is actually also the nicest type of towel for travelling and going to the beach.
  • Don't use your yoga towel anymore? Cut up into pieces, it is still great to use as a cleaning towel; microfibre is very handy for washing windows, for example.
  • Want to moisturise your towel before class, but find a plant spray too big to carry? Use an old perfume bottle as a water atomiser. Fits easily in your bag, and it looks a bit nicer too ;-)


A yoga towel is a simple but effective way to improve your yoga practice. Especially if you suffer from slipping, but also do a gentle yoga form, with lots of floor exercises.

 It is a useful tool for extra hygiene and protecting your mat, and what's more, a yoga towel is lightweight, folds up small, and can be used in many different ways, including outside yoga class.

We hope we've convinced you of the many benefits of a yoga towel and inspired you to start using one. So that you never slip again during your practice, no matter the temperature!

You can check out our collection of yoga towels here. Are you going to try one?


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