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6 tips to maintain your yoga practice!

6 tips to maintain your yoga practice!

By: Joanna-MariaComments: 0

6 tips to maintain your yoga practice!

Many people start yoga for physical reasons, but most people continue to do yoga for mental benefits. Yet it is not always easy to maintain yoga. You have a busy schedule, children, work, other sports and hobbies, a full social life ... yoga is often one of the first items to be sacrificed. This is a shame, because it is precisely in such a busy life that yoga is a hugely valuable addition. We give you 6 tips to maintain yoga.

#1: Don't set yourself a target number

You probably recognize this: you start with yoga and you have the idea that you want to do this every day or certainly every other day. But entering into such a commitment with yourself immediately demands a lot from yourself and from your agenda. Instead of imposing a target number on how often you want to do yoga, be happy with every yoga class you follow.

With this you do not impose anything on yourself, you can be happy with what you do and every yoga class that you do, is at least one more than when you would stop. Then build up, so start with 1 lesson per week and you notice that your need for more yoga increases, then go 2 lessons per week (not directly to 7x a week ;-)).

#2: Find a regular yoga class

Of course experimenting with different yoga styles is good to determine what suits you. But especially at the beginning, every yoga style is a challenge and new. To see your learning curve (which in any case ensures motivation) it is best to follow regular yoga lessons per week. This way you know exactly:

  • When you go to yoga
  • Who your yoga teacher is
  • What the yoga style is
  • What you can expect

If you notice after a few weeks (you have to give it a chance) that this yoga style or yoga teacher is not for you, look for another regular yoga class.

#3: Buy a yoga mat

This is an insurance, because you have invested in a yoga mat. By buying a yoga mat, you commit yourself to yoga. Just continue doing so ;-) In addition, you do not have to worry every time about a yoga mat that smells of sweat.


#4: Make yoga friends

Make friends in the yoga studio where you go to. This always helps to go to yoga and also make it fun. You feel part of a group and you do this together. If you take online yoga classes, then make online yoga friends via Instagram, for example. Take others along in your yoga adventure so you keep motivated.

#5: Do not compare yourself with others

Do yoga for yourself. It is not a competition and every body is structured differently. Although it is sometimes so difficult not to compare yourself with others:

  • He can put his feet on the floor with Downward Facing Dog
  • She can now fully complete the Wheel pose
  • That yoga pants suits her well ...

It is not necessary and it certainly does not help you in your own yoga. Be aware of these thoughts, recognize them and put them away again. It is your adventure and your body and you do this for yourself.

#6: Don't be too hard on yourself

That you do yoga is good enough. Therefore, do not be too strict on yourself. The stricter you are, the more resistance you will get and the greater the chance that you will stop yoga. Yoga is also showing compassion for yourself. Is a yoga posture unsuccessful? Great, another day tomorrow. Did you not succeed in doing yoga at all? Even then there will be another day tomorrow.

How do I maintain yoga?

With these tips you have a hold to maintain yoga:

  • Do not set yourself a target number on how often you want to do yoga
  • Find a regular yoga class
  • Buy a yoga mat
  • Make yoga friends
  • Do not compare yourself with others
  • Don't be too hard on yourself

Because you probably know this very well yourself: yoga is good for body & mind!


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