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How yoga can help you lose weight!

How yoga can help you lose weight!

By: Joanna-MariaComments: 0

How yoga can help you lose weight!

Yoga and losing weight, much is written about it and even more is said about it. Do you lose weight or not because of yoga? Does yoga slow down or speed up your metabolism? What other aspects play a role?

When push comes to shove, we can only say with full heart: yoga definitely helps you when you want to lose weight. We take you within the aspects of losing weight with yoga, to give you that final push to really go for it.

Losing weight with yoga: Yoga and your metabolism

When talking about yoga and losing weight, you often hear about your metabolism first. There are scientific studies that say that the metabolism is slowed down by yoga. With men this is on average eight percent and with women even with eighteen percent. But there are also scientific studies that say that your metabolism gets faster. Are these reasons for not doing yoga when you want to lose weight?

No, not exactly. Either way, yoga ensures that your hormone balance is balanced, including your thyroid gland, which is one of the largest hormone glands. A properly functioning thyroid ensures a properly functioning metabolism. Your whole body responds to yoga: you slow down your breathing, which lowers your blood pressure and your oxygen intake. You need less energy and also less food, so you get fewer calories.

Losing weight with yoga: Less stress and that emotional roller coaster through yoga

Stress is a major factor in overweight and body fat. When you are under stress, your body produces cortisol and energy. This stems from long ago, when danger and stress often meant life or death. But nowadays stress is no longer caused by real danger, so you have an abundance of energy, which your body stores as (belly) fat. Yoga makes you experience less stress, you learn to live in the now, you learn how to set your mind aside and yoga teaches you that conscious breathing plays a major role in this. Through yoga you experience less stress, so that your body has to store less energy as fat.

Yoga also ensures that you are more in control of your own emotions. You learn to feel and experience what you need right now. You learn to appreciate your body, your feelings and your emotions for what they are. You are you, including everything that you feel and experience. Because you feel better in your skin and have more control over your own emotions, your binge eating will also decrease. And fewer binge eating means fewer calories and losing weight through yoga.


Losing weight with yoga: The yoga detox for losing weight

Cleansing your body from waste, that is what different yoga postures do. Your organs are, as it were, squeezed in, with for example twisted positions, whereby the waste releases and they can leave your body. This is an important part of losing weight, because your body cannot do anything with this waste. If they stay in your body, you will get less energy to move and your digestion will also be lower.

Losing weight with yoga: Yoga changes your attitude to life

Yoga has many physical benefits, such as becoming stronger and more flexible and losing weight. But yoga also helps you to be mentally stronger. You become more aware of who you are, who you want to be and what you find important in life. Yoga ensures that you make choices that fully match who you are. These can be healthy eating choices that make you lose weight, but it can also be that you start to live healthier and accept yourself as you are.

Do you lose weight with yoga?

Yes, you lose weight with yoga. A lot is said about losing weight with yoga, but in essence yoga is a good way to lose weight. For example, yoga causes less stress, more awareness about your life (and what you eat) and exercise.

In addition, yoga ensures proper hormone balance and removes waste from your body through the detox effect of yoga. Of course yoga is not a panacea when it comes to losing weight and you simply have to work for it and carry on, but yoga has all the tools to help you lose weight.


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