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Starting your own yoga studio, what do you need?

Starting your own yoga studio, what do you need?

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Starting your own yoga studio, how do you do this?

Starting your own yoga studio: what an exciting and of course super fun step! Have you already made the decision to start your own yoga studio? Or are you still looking into starting your own yoga studio? In both cases you are at the right place, because we are happy to take you through all aspects of opening your own yoga studio.

Starting your own yoga studio: Well begun is half done

To start your own yoga studio, there are a lot of (fun) things to sort out and arrange. A good starting point for this is with yourself. Go and ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to start my own yoga studio?
  • Do I know how much time it takes to open and run a yoga studio?
  • What drives me to open my own studio?
  • Do I know enough from the business side to start my own yoga studio?
  • Are you going to hire yoga teachers or will you first do everything yourself?
  • Do you have the right papers to open a yoga studio?
  • Do you have a clear picture of how to start a yoga studio?

To successfully open a yoga studio, it is important that you have prepared everything that comes with it well and thought about it. Talk to other yoga studios and business coaches so that you can gain new insights and new inspiration.

This is not to scare you of course, because opening your own yoga studio is a very beautiful and adventurous step. But you make your own life easier and less stressful when you prepare as well as possible. Of course, when you start your own business and thus your own yoga studio, there are always things that you had not anticipated or expected. This is part of it, but this does not alter the fact that you can really prepare well in order to encounter as few surprises as possible.

Starting your own yoga studio: find a good space

As an experienced yogi and yoga teacher you probably know how important a pleasant space is for giving yoga. Nothing is so annoying than being continuously distracted during yoga by:

  • Draught
  • Too much or too little light
  • Not enough oxygen
  • Nails in the ground
  • Not enough space to extend your arms
  • Upstairs neighbors who enjoy listening to loud trance music
  • And dance to this

Therefore make a list for yourself that your space for your own yoga studio should really meet. Make a distinction here between must-have and want-to-have. Before you look for a space to open your yoga studio, determine that you stick to this list and do not compensate for your must-have list. Because of this you will not come under pressure during viewings and you have a good handhold.

Have you found your perfect space to start and open your own yoga studio? That must be a wonderful feeling, because now you can start with the really nice work: furnishing your yoga studio. You must have already created a mood board (on paper or in your head), so now it's time to purchase and purchase the right yoga gear and yoga materials.

By the way, also check in our extensive article "Decorating a yoga studio" whether you have thought of everything to set up your yoga studio perfectly and completely zen.

Starting your own yoga studio: shopping at a yoga wholesaler

Now that it's time to design your own yoga studio, it's smart to contact a yoga wholesaler. You probably want to buy yoga props in bulk, such as bolsters, yoga blocks and yoga belts. But of course you also need yoga mats when you open your own yoga studio. Buying yoga mats from a wholesaler is going to save you a lot of money, because at a yoga wholesaler you get great discounts when purchasing multiple items.

For example, the Yogashop wholesale is specifically for yoga teachers who are going to open a yoga studio and your discount is up to 40%. Do you want to purchase yoga mats and yoga props and does your order exceed 500 euros? Then we will even help you with a customized offer.

By the way, have you also thought about buying meditation items in bulk? Such as meditation cushions and meditation mats? This of course does not have to be immediate when you open your own yoga studio, but we know from experience that yogis appreciate it when you have the right yoga and meditation props in your own studio.

Starting your own yoga studio: start step by step

Opening and starting your own yoga studio is a lot of work. Also consider:

  • Setting up your own website
  • A good scheduling system
  • Promotion of your yoga studio
  • Collaborate with other yoga teachers
  • Generate sufficient income

That is why it is important that you start step by step when opening your studio. Yoga is about relaxation, zen and balance. Make sure you also open your yoga studio this way. Be happy and grateful for every step you take and realize that tomorrow is another day to do something even better or more professional.

Good luck and have fun opening your own yoga studio!


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