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 Yoga for beginners: 4 tips for a good start!

Yoga for beginners: 4 tips for a good start!

By: Joanna-MariaComments: 0

Yoga for beginners: 4 tips for a good start!

It's not just the hippies, dreadlocks and floating types that do yoga anymore. Nowadays yoga is indispensable in the lives of many people. We are only very happy about this, because yoga has many beautiful side effects for everyone. But where do you start if you've never done yoga before? How do you not let yourself be intimidated by all the yogis who know exactly what they are doing? How do you ensure that you do it purely for yourself and do not start comparing yourself with others?

Our four tips for yoga for beginners ensure that you, too, have a good start with yoga and, more importantly, that you maintain this.

Yoga for beginners Tip 1: you don't have to be flexible

The reason most people who want to start doing yoga don't do it, is because they are too strict for themselves. Maybe you recognize this? That you say to yourself: yoga is not for me, I am not flexible enough. Do you think that all yogis were immediately flexible? Fortunately not. Everyone starts somewhere and it depends entirely on your own body, your muscles and your bones how flexible you are and will become. During your yoga journey you will naturally become stronger and more flexible. And don't compare yourself (no matter how difficult) with others. You never know how long they have been doing yoga and every body is unique. What someone else can do you won't (yet) be able to and vice versa. Yoga is about your inner journey, so don't let others distract you.

Yoga for beginners Tip 2: start with a fixed yoga class

Do not mix all kinds of yoga classes and yoga styles from different teachers. If you are going to start yoga, follow a specific yoga class or yoga teacher. Get to know the principles of yoga here, so that you are not overloaded with all kinds of information from different yogis. It is difficult enough to start yoga, so allow yourself to rest in how you do this. If after a few weeks (or months) you think you are ready for a new yoga perspective, then add a yoga class or follow a yoga class with another yoga teacher.


Yoga for beginners Tip 3: give yourself the space to learn

Which yoga style suits you best? Which yoga teacher suits you? Do you want to do yoga at home or do you want to do this in the gym or in a yoga studio? You only know these answers when you try them out. Allow yourself therefore room to learn and discover what suits you well. Isn't the yoga style that you follow for a few weeks exactly what you had in mind? Then try the same or a different style with another yoga teacher. Or do you not have a click with the yoga teacher? Do not give up immediately, but try another teacher. We all have a click with one yoga teacher (or yoga style) and a little less with the other. When you start practicing yoga, it is a great adventure to investigate what makes you feel good.

Yoga for beginners Tip 4: buy your own yoga mat

Buying a yoga mat is a helping hand to not stop immediately after one or two lessons. After all, you have bought a yoga mat, so come on: just continue ;-)

Thereby yoga has many poses where you have to lie with your nose on your mat and believe us: you prefer not to do this on a yoga mat that others also use. Buying a yoga mat does not have to be expensive at all, especially when you start practicing yoga, a yoga mat of around 20 euros is a very good first step.

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premium yogamatten

Just start yoga!

In short: Yoga is nice, yoga is beautiful and yoga is good for body and mind. Overcome your own blockages and start yoga. You become a more beautiful person and this also makes the world a bit more beautiful. That is why we do not wish you good luck, but above all a beautiful and pleasant yoga trip.


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