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Yoga Props? A complete guide!

Yoga Props? A complete guide!

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A yoga mat is of course essential for yoga, but what other yoga accessories and props are there? And how do you choose the right one? Let us help you!

Buying yoga equipment, what should I pay attention to?

Yoga accessories are versatile props that help you with your yoga practice by providing support, ensuring safety, increasing flexibility and deepening postures.

Yoga is all about balance. The right yoga gear will help you find it. In this blog we discuss the most useful yoga props for various yoga styles, and how you find out which ones are most suitable for you.

We will discuss the following aspects: 

  • Our Range of Yoga Accessories: Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Why Use Yoga Accessories: The Benefits
  • The Most Useful Yoga Accessories in a row
  • Which Yoga Accessories Should I Choose?

Listen to your body and give it the right support

Whether you are stepping onto the mat for the first time or have been working on your practice for years, the right tools make a world of difference.

Strangely enough, we often hear and see that people hesitate to use yoga accessories. As if you are 'cheating' with it, and that you are not really doing yoga when you use props. Or that using accessories means you're a beginner (which isn't a bad thing, by the way). But using yoga tools can be a powerful way to listen carefully to your own body.

With a yoga block, belt, or other accessory at the right time you can support your body in the yoga posture. This not only to prevent injuries, but also to build flexibility and strength. It's a wise lesson in self-care and an opportunity to refine your practice to tailor it to your needs.

Our Range of Accessories: Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

We have put together a selection of yoga accessories that not only offer good quality, but also plenty of environmentally friendly options. From ecological yoga mats and cotton yoga straps to biodegradable yoga blocks, our range contains a wide choice of yoga items that are good for both you and mother earth.

In short, this is a well-deserved ode to yoga props! They are not a sign of 'cheating' or inexperience, but rather a tool to listen carefully to your body. Discover the possibilities today and be supported by the right set of yoga accessories for your yoga practice!


Why Use Yoga Accessories: The Benefits

Yoga accessories can be very useful for your yoga practice and provide several benefits that go beyond just the mat. Here are some reasons why using yoga accessories in your practice can be beneficial:

1. Alignment 

Yoga is all about finding the right balance and alignment in your postures. Yoga accessories, such as blocks and straps, or an alignment line on your mat, help you find a symmetrical and/or well-aligned posture. Because you are in a 'better' position this way, you will also be able to better utilize the benefits of each pose.

2. Preventing injuries

Yoga accessories reduce the burden on joints and muscles and thus reduce the risk of injuries. By providing appropriate support and/or extension, especially for those with limited flexibility or physical limitations, props reduce the risk of strain and injury, and allow you to practice safely and with confidence (and enjoyment).

3. Deepening

Yoga accessories help you deepen postures and take your practice to the next level. Whether it's using a block to improve your balance or a yoga strap to go deeper into stretches, these props give you the space to explore and push your own limits, without forcing them.

4. Balance and Stability

A stable base is one of the most important principles of Yoga. Yoga accessories, such as a sturdy yoga mat and yoga blocks, contribute to your balance and stability while performing challenging poses. They help you stand firmly on the mat and maintain your focus.

5. Recovery & Relaxation

In addition to active poses, relaxation and recovery are just as important in yoga. Meditation cushions, blocks and bolsters can be used to create comfortable and restful support, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and fully utilize the healing aspects of yoga. You see this especially often with Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

6. Adaptation to Individual Needs

Every body is unique, and yoga accessories make it possible to tailor your practice to your individual needs. Whether you're dealing with an injury, stiffness, or other physical discomfort, these yoga items offer customization options so everyone can participate in the class.

yoga blocks and accessories

The Most Useful Yoga Accessories listed:

These are the most used yoga items:

Yoga mat: Comfortable Base

The yoga mat forms the basis of every yoga practice. It not only provides support but also comfort during your yoga sessions. When choosing a yoga mat, factors such as the type of yoga you practice, the thickness of the mat, your budget, the material and its environmental friendliness are important. We explain everything about this in this blog.

We have selected a fine collection of yoga mats for you, including from quality brands such as Manduka and Love Generation.

Yoga Towel – Anti Slip Towel: Keep it Fresh and Hygienic

A yoga towel, also known as an anti-slip towel, is ideal for those who quickly slip on their yoga mat due to perspiration. It absorbs excess moisture and provides a better grip during your yoga practice. In addition, it contributes to hygiene because yoga towels are easily washable and dry quickly. You can find more information about yoga towels in this blog.

Yoga Block: Deepen and Improve

A yoga block is a versatile tool that helps you strengthen postures and improve flexibility. It brings the ground closer, provides support, and increases your reach. Choose from different materials and sizes for customizable support.

yoga blocks

Yoga Strap: Stretch with Confidence

Use a yoga strap to optimize your stretches and improve flexibility. Designed for achieving more difficult positions, the adjustable and durable strap provides essential support for any yogi.

how to use a yoga strap

Yoga Bolster: Comfortable Relaxation

A yoga bolster is an elongated cushion that provides comfort and support in lying and sitting yoga postures. It is perfect for Restorative yoga, Prenatal yoga and Iyengar, but can be a valuable tool for any style of yoga. Some yogis like to place a bolster under their knees or back during Savasana for extra comfort. Using a bolster can be a comfortable way to open the chest and help you focus on your breathing.

Eye Pillow: relax even deeper in Savasana

Eye pillows are used during Savasana and provide relaxation for the eyes. They protect against light, provide gentle pressure and promote focus during meditations, yin yoga, lying down meditations and yoga nidra. These eye pillows often have a wonderful scent, which makes you feel completely in your own world after a nice yoga session.

Meditation pillow: Create the ideal sitting (or lying) position

A meditation cushion is ideal for seated meditations at the beginning or end of your yoga session. It helps you sit up straight and fully concentrate on your meditation. You can read all about meditation pillows in this blog.

Accupressure Mat: Relax and Recover

Accupressure mats provide relief from tension and promote relaxation by stimulating pressure points on the body. They are a valuable aid for recovery and relaxation after an intensive yoga session. Soon new in our collection!

Water bottle: Hydrate and Refresh

A water bottle is indispensable for hot, intensive yoga classes. Stay hydrated and refresh yourself before or after your practice.

Other Accessories: Complement Your Practice

There are many more additional accessories such as yoga chairs, yoga ropes, yoga strips, yoga wedges, yoga wheels, yoga balls, yoga socks and more to further supplement and enrich your yoga practice.

With this diverse range of yoga accessories you can tailor your practice, precisely tailored to your needs and style. Experiment, choose carefully and let the right accessories guide you on your yoga journey.

yoga bolsters

Which Yoga Accessories Should I Choose?

Don't worry, if you are just starting to practice yoga, you will not immediately need all the yoga equipment. Knowing which yoga gear you want to use or not is a personal journey that starts with understanding your own needs and goals. Here are some steps to help you make the best choices:

What Accessories Does Your Yoga Studio Have?

A good first step is to take a closer look at which yoga accessories are used in your own yoga studio. And which yoga props are common for the yoga style you practice. With Iyengar Yoga or Yin Yoga there will clearly be more than with Vinyasa flow. It can vary enormously. This gives you an overview of the standard yoga equipment that is used for your yoga style and that provides inspiration for your own collection.

You can often experiment with different accessories in the studio before deciding which ones suit you best. Does your own studio not have many props, but are you curious? Then follow a workshop at another location.

Your own yoga mat is a good start

A good yoga mat is the core of your equipment. Having your own mat not only ensures hygiene, but also creates a familiar space for your practice. This motivates you to practice regularly and to roll out the mat at home more often.

Choose a mat that suits you in terms of thickness, material and grip. This forms the basis from which you can further expand your collection. On this page, under the various categories of yoga mats, you will find plenty of tips for choosing a yoga mat.

Putting together a yoga accessories set

When putting together yoga accessories, choose a set that suits your needs. A good beginner's basic equipment can consist of a mat, a set of yoga blocks, and a yoga strap. These versatile items provide support, aid with alignment and ensure a comfortable practice. This also helps your motivation.

Take the Time to Get to Know Each Yoga Prop Well

As you practice yoga for longer, you can gradually add additional accessories, such as a meditation cushion, a yoga towel or even a bolster. Take the time to get to know each accessory thoroughly and discover how they can improve your practice. Be guided by your own experience and needs, and adapt your collection as you grow in your yoga journey.

By choosing consciously and taking the time to explore the diversity of yoga accessories, you can create a personal set that enriches and complements your practice in a way that is unique to you.

yoga props and accessories

Deepen your yoga journey!

We hope that this blog has helped you to get a good idea of ​​the various yoga accessories. And of course we have inspired you to get started with them and discover how they can take your personal yoga practice to new heights.

If you still have questions or doubts: feel free to send an email to our customer service. We are happy to think along with you. And whatever you do don't forget to have fun on your yoga journey!


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