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How do I choose the best meditation pillow?

How do I choose the best meditation pillow?

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Buying a meditation cushion: A guide for meditators

Meditation has become increasingly popular lately. Not surprising, more and more people are looking for relaxation to stay balanced in this increasingly faster and busier world. Moreover, in recent years, the effects of meditation have been increasingly scientifically researched, and there is growing evidence that meditation has an incredibly positive effect on your physical and mental health!

It is therefore not surprising that the demand for good and high-quality meditation pillows has also grown rapidly in recent years. Meditation can actually be done anywhere, and in many different ways. For example, there are walking meditations and lying meditations, but meditation is often done while sitting. A meditation cushion helps you sit relaxed for a long time, which is essential for deep and effective meditation.

round meditation cushion

The benefits of a meditation pillow

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Zen master, if you practice sitting meditations then a good meditation cushion is essential. Why? These are the main benefits:

1. Comfortable sitting position

A meditation cushion raises your seat, causing your knees to be lower than your hips. This helps maintain a natural, comfortable sitting position during meditation. It reduces pressure on your lower back and knees, and prevents your legs from going to sleep, allowing you to meditate longer without discomfort.

2. Stability

On a good meditation cushion (or meditation bench) you can tilt your pelvis slightly forward. This tilt provides a stable and supportive base and a straight back. It ensures better blood flow and prevents you from wobbling during meditation. You maintain better contact with your own base and the ground.

3. Improved Posture

A meditation cushion helps you keep your spine in a straight and aligned position. This prevents your back from becoming tired and painful, and promotes a good flow of energy in your spine and chakras.

4. Deeper meditation

A comfortable and stable sitting position makes you less likely to become tired or distracted by physical discomfort. This can lead to deeper and more enriching meditation sessions.

5. Improved motivation and routine

A good sitting posture and support from a (nice) meditation cushion makes the experience more pleasant and that helps to practice regularly. If you sit on the same cushion every day, you condition your body and mind, so to speak. After a while your body knows: 'oh, the pillow, now it's time for meditation'.

6. Flexibility

Meditation cushions come in different shapes and sizes, and can be used in different ways. This way you can choose which pillow best suits your body type.

7. Less Stress

A regular meditation practice can reduce stress as it helps to calm your mind and promote relaxation. It can also help reduce anxiety and improve your overall well-being.

8. Commitment to Tradition

In some meditation traditions, specific types of cushions, such as zafus and zabutons, are used as a symbol of commitment to the practice. Using a meditation cushion can create a sense of connection with these traditions.

All in all, a meditation cushion can be a valuable tool to enhance your meditation practice, make it more comfortable and help you experience the many benefits of meditation, both physically and mentally. It is important to choose the right type and size of cushion that best suits you and your meditation style.

crescent meditation pillows

What type of meditation pillow do I need?

Which type of meditation cushion is most suitable for you can probably be determined quickly based on your favorite sitting position. Sometimes body size also plays a (small) role.

A meditation cushion for the lotus position

Are you comfortable sitting in lotus position? Then you are probably very flexible in your hips and knees. In that case you only need a low pillow, just to tilt your pelvis forward a little.
A slightly flatter cushion such as a crescent meditation pillow is often best. But you can also remove (a lot of) filling from a round meditation cushion, making it low enough for you.

A meditation cushion for cross-legged sitting

Can't get into the lotus but are you comfortable sitting cross-legged? Then a slightly higher round meditation cushion is better. Experiment with removing some filling to find the ideal height for you. The tilt of your pelvis will also become a little easier if your pillow is not a 100% completely tightly filled.

A meditation bench for the Japanese Seiza - sitting position (diamond position)

Do you not like sitting cross-legged at all? Then the Japanese Seiza position on a bench is probably best for you. You sit on a meditation bench with your knees forward and your feet backwards. The height ensures that there is some space, so that your legs do not pinch or fall asleep.

The seat surface also supports a slight tilt of your pelvis, allowing you to sit with your back straight for a longer period of time. A meditation bench therefore offers excellent support.

Something to keep in mind; Meditation benches are standard made for people between 1.60 meters and 1.75 meters.

Are you shorter or taller? Then try a round meditation cushion, flat or on its side. You then sit with both knees forward and feet flat back, and the cushion turned on its side between your legs. This makes you feel just as comfortable in the Seiza position. And the advantage is that you can adjust the height by removing some filling from the pillow.

meditation bench

A Meditation Mat – Zabuton as a soft surface… or for cross-legged sitting.

A meditation mat, or zabuton, is usually used in combination with a meditation cushion or bench, as a soft insulating surface and extra support for the knees. However, if you are very comfortable sitting cross-legged, you can also use a meditation mat 'loose'. You then sit directly on the mat.

meditation mats

A Yoga bolster, for a slightly higher seat height (seiza or cross-legged seat)

A yoga bolster is often used for relaxing yoga forms such as Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga, but can also be used as a seat cushion for meditations. The advantage is that a yoga bolster is slightly higher than an average meditation cushion. So if you like to sit a little higher, this is a great choice.

A round or half-moon pillow?

Crescent cushions are usually slightly lower than round meditation cushions. Here too, if cross-legged is comfortable for you, you can opt for this lower cushion, but otherwise a slightly higher (round) cushion is probably better suited.

The advantage of a crescent pillow is that it provides more support to the thighs and provides slightly more tilt of the pelvis.

The material and filling of a meditation cushion

All our meditation items are made from natural materials. Good for the environment, but also for you, because the chosen materials always last a long time and feel pleasant on the skin.

Why are most pillows filled with buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat chaff is a residual product of buckwheat. It consists of the convex dark brown shells that have surrounded the seeds. These buckwheat hulls are very sturdy. This makes them the ideal filling for meditation cushions; The convex shape ensures that enough air remains between the peels. This way the pillow remains lightweight and retains just the right amount of resilience.

On the other hand, the shells interlock in such a way that they provide optimal strength to support your meditation. The shells do not slide away easily and the cushion will therefore not collapse or flatten during your meditation.

Choose a durable and removable cover

If you want to buy a meditation cushion, it is best to choose a model with a sturdy, wear-resistant cover. This means that you can also sit on rougher surfaces without damaging your cushion. Cotton canvas is very suitable for this, but our velvet cushions have also been selected for wear resistance and durability. In any case, it is better to choose natural fabrics, including for the inner cover.

It is also wise to test whether you can unzip the cover completely. You'll probably want to wash the cover every now and then. A good zipper makes it much easier to remove the cover and, above all, put it back again. So that's useful to pay attention to when buying.

… And appearance also matters 8-)

In addition to the shape of the meditation cushion, it is also important to choose a cushion that you really like and that suits the meditation and yoga room where you want to use it. See what colors are available and whether you might want a nice print on it.

Our experience is that if you make your meditation place as beautiful and pleasant as possible, this will have a positive effect on your motivation to practice regularly. In addition, a harmonious meditation place also helps you relax faster (this also supports you energetically as in Feng Shui).

print meditation pillows

You have selected a nice meditation cushion for yourself. And now?

Meditation is simple, but not easy. As an experienced meditation practitioner you will recognize this. As a beginner, it is advisable to take a course, but you can also work at home (possibly in addition) with books and recorded guided meditation. We also have a blog article with 6 (free) breathing exercises.

Conclusion: The best choice for a meditation pillow

It is quite difficult to choose the right cushion for your meditation. We get that. You want to feel comfortable in the moment you create for yourself. That's why you want to buy a pillow that is comfortable (and therefore adjustable) and that will last a long time, at a fair price.

That is why we have developed meditation cushions for our own brand: Love Generation. And these meet all your requirements exactly:

  • The cover is made of a very heavy quality cotton canvas or velvet. These durable materials are virtually indestructible and mean that you can also sit on rougher surfaces without damaging your cushion.
  • The outer cover has a handy wide carrying strap and a zipper all the way around the bottom of the cushion. Unlike most other cushions on the market, this makes it really easy to remove the outer cover for washing, for example.
  • The inner cushion is made of 100% unbleached cotton and has a zipper on the side. This makes it easy to remove some filling and adjust your cushion to the perfect seat height for you.
  • Only sustainable and natural buckwheat husks are used for the filling.

With an extensive collection of colors and designs, there is always a cushion that suits your personal meditation spot. What are you waiting for? View the Love Generation collection here and see which design suits you best.

Still can't choose? This is the best meditation cushion of 2024.

Are you still having trouble choosing after reading this blog? Then follow the advice of our loyal buyers group!

Recently they massively opted for the Royal Peacock meditation pillow from Love Generation. A comfortable, durable and stylish model. Judge for yourself.

best meditation pillow


Posted on 2024-01-12 16:19:38
The right cushion is essential in maintaining a good posture while practicing meditation. After knowing the described benefits, I will consider using a meditation pillow, and this guide will help me choose the right one for me.

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